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PVC RESIN can be processed into various kinds of plastic products. According to its use, it can be divided into two categories: soft and hard products. It is mainly used to produce transparent films, pipe fittings, gold cards, blood transfusion equipment, soft and hard tubes, plates, doors and windows, Profiles, films, electrical insulation, cable jackets, blood transfusions, etc. Then, the next Xiaobian introduced the use of PVC Resin and the choice of Pvc Resin.


The use of pvc resin

1, soft products: pvc resin can create many types of soft products, the extruder can be made of PVC resin hoses, wires and cables, etc., through a small syringe can also be made into a variety of pvc resin exquisite Mold toys and so on, in addition to a lot of sandals, toys and even auto parts.

2. Film: Adding additives into the pvc resin, and after plasticizing, the film can be made into different thicknesses after being pressed by a pressing machine. The pressed film can be made into plastic bags and raincoats after careful cutting. Inflatable toys, etc., because of its thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, pvc resin film is very easy to shrink packaging, plastic bags on the market are basically made of pvc resin.

3, coating products: Many of the artificial leather on the market are made of pvc resin, which is formed by plasticizing pvc resin at a temperature above 100 degrees. Leatherette can be used to make luggage, leather bags, book cover, etc. .

4, foam products: In a pvc resin by adding a certain amount of foaming agent made of sheeting, pvc in the foamed treatment after the stereotyped plastic foam, after this method of processing the pvc resin can also be used to make slippers, Insole with a lot of shock-proof buffer packaging materials, pvc hard plate after this treatment can even replace wood, as a building material to use.

5, transparent sheet: In the pvc resin by adding organic STABILIZER, after a series of mixing, plasticization can support the material of the head surface, and then through the heat molding can be made into thin-walled transparent containers, a lot of vacuum packaging This method is used because it has always been very popular due to its excellent packaging quality.

Pvc resin choice

The first point

According to the end product to choose the appropriate polymerization process, China's PVC paste resin has two main polymerization methods, namely, emulsion polymerization and micro-suspension polymerization. The emulsion polymerization method PVC paste resin is mainly a leather material, also known as a large disk material; micro-suspension polymerization of PVC paste resin is also known as glove material.

Second point

According to the mechanical properties of the end product, one of the criteria for measuring the degree of polymerization is the standard for the degree of polymerization. Take the Anhui Tianchen paste resin technical index as an example: High-polymerization PVC products have higher mechanical strength and are suitable for wear-resistant layers and tensile strength. Layers, hard surface layers, matt layers, etc., PVC products with low degree of polymerization, the mechanical strength is relatively low.

The third point

According to the purpose, type and processing form of the end product, the appropriate paste resin grade should be selected. The viscosity of the paste resin product is an important selection index. For example, the high foaming product selects a paste resin with a relatively high viscosity and a low gelation temperature. Products, in order to facilitate the control of good foaming performance and uniform cell size distribution; and product requirements paste viscosity generally require paste viscosity not too high, in order to facilitate processing.

fourth point

Considering the stability and degassing performance of the plastisol, only the plastisol with good stability can process good paste products under the optimized process conditions. For PVC pastes that require vacuum degassing, Requires better degassing and so on.

Editor's summary: The use of pvc resin and the choice of pvc resin are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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