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Henan Shunbang Chemical CO.,Ltd

Henan Shunbang Chemical CO.,Ltd


Henan Shunbang Chemical CO.,Ltd
About Us
Henan ShunBang Chemical Co Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiaries of Henan Qing ai Industrial Chemical Co Ltd which was established in 1990 We have always been professional engaged in the research development production and sales of various of chemical materials such as Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE Polyvinyl Chloride Resin PVC Resin and all kinds of plastic additives Especially for CPE we have our own professional R D team and have developed kinds of CPE with different performance which could be used for various plastic products and the effects are significant in fields of pipes profiles sheets etc As so far our company has annual sales of RMB300 millions in the domestic market also our...

Categories and Products

PVC Resin

Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)

Paraffin Wax


PVC Edge Banding

Stearic Acid



Fischer Tropsch Wax

Titanium Dioxide(TIO2)



Calcium Carbonate

CPE 135A

Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

Semi Refined Paraffin Wax

Rutile Titanium Dioxide

Anatase Titanium Dioxide

Heavy Calcium Carbonate

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

PVC Edge Banding For Furniture

PVC Edge Banding For Office

PVC Edge Banding For Cabinet

Calcium Carbide

Products Keywords
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StabilizerZinc Stearate For CoatingPlastic Edge Banding BeltEdge Banding Strip c TypePrime PVC Resin for ShoesCaCo3 Rock & Grind PowderPVC Resin for PVC ChannelSG3 PVC Resin for Pvc BoxMDF PVC Edge Banding TapeK57-58 for PVC Foam BoardPVC Stabilizer Lead BasedRoad Marking Paint FT WaxKUNLUN Brand Paraffin Waxcpe plastic biodegradableParaffin Wax Price Per KgWax For Hot Melt AdhesiveTropsch Wax For LubricantS1000 SG5 for PVC ProfileFlake Fischer Tropsch WaxEdge Trim Band for OfficeAnatase Tio2 For PlasticsAcetylene Calcium CarbidePlastic Material CPE 135ARubber Grade Stearic AcidChemical Additives PE WaxPlastic Additive CPE 135ATio2 Titanium Dioxide 98%Pvc Resin for Garden PipeKunlun Paraffin 56 58 Waxoxidized polyethylene wax2mm PVC Door Edge BandingLubricating PE Wax PowderStearic Acid for PlasticsEdge Banding Colored TapeResin for PVC Window SillPVC Edge Banding Big RollHigh Melting Point PE Wax0.4*19mm PVC Edge Banding0.4*22mm PVC Edge Bandingpolyethylene wax emulsionSemi Refined 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CarbonateHigh Quality Titanium Dioxidecalcium carbonate common nameAnatase Titanium Dioxide TIO2Titanium Dixoide for PaintingWhite Podwer Titanium Dioxide66 Melting Point Paraffin WaxAuxiliary Chemical Stabilizerchlorinated polyethylene hoseK67 PVC Resin for PVC SandalsPE Wax for Hot Melt AdhesivesPVC Cabinet Edge Banding Tapechlorinated polyethylene usesTitanium Dioxide For PaintingColored Tape PVC Edge BandingHigh Glossy Edge Banding TapeRutile Grade Titanium DioxideCalcium Carbide for AcetylenePVC Stabilizer for Foam Board58 Melting Point Paraffin WaxAnatase Tio2 Titanium Dioxidewhat is paraffin wax used forpolyethylene wax in cosmeticsChlorinated Polyethylene 135BT-molding Furniture MaterialsTitanium Dioxide Price Per KgTitanium Dioxide for Pvc PipeHeavy Calcium Carbonate/CACO3White Polyethylene Wax Powder58 Candle Making Paraffin WaxCa Zn Stabilizer for PVC PipePure K67 Pvc Resin Pipe Gradetio2 structure and propertiesCalcium Carbonate MasterbatchLow Molecular Pe Wax for PipeIndustrial Grade Paraffin WaxRaw Material Titanium DioxideNano Active Calcium CarbonatePolyethylene Wax Master BatchTitanium Dioxide Rutile GradeFully Refined Paraffin Wax 60Paraffin Wax 64 Melting PointTitanium Dioxide For TextilesFlake Powder Polyethylene Waxtitanium dioxide in sunscreenRubber Additives Stearic Acidwhat is stearic acid used for60 Fully Refined Paraffin WaxPrice Titanium Dioxide RutileIndustrial Usage Stearic Acid64 Melting Point Paraffin WaxIndustrial Grade Stearic AcidStabilizer for Wire and Cable58 Fully Refined Paraffin WaxTio2 Titanium Dioxide AnataseZinc Stearate Heat StabilizerChlorinated Polyethylene 135ANanoparticle Titanium DioxidePVC Edge Banding Strip c TypePVC Edge Banding Tape ColoredPVC Plastic Edge Banding TapeSolid Industrial Paraffin WaxWax For PVC Pipe and FittingsHigh Density Polyethylene WaxFischer Tropsch Synthetic WaxDropping Point PE Wax for InkSG5 Suspension Grade Pvc ResinPolyethylene Wax Boiling PointFischer Tropsch Wax for RubberOptical Brightener MasterbatchCPE 135A Impact Modifier AgentPVC Resin SG-5 for PVC CeilingInternational Prices Pvc ResinAnatase Type Taitanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide Masonry PaintCoated Calcium Carbonate Caco3Edge Banding Tape for ParticlePvc Resin Powder for Pvc PanelRubber Grade Calcium CarbonateCalcium Carbonate Grind PowderWhite Coated Calcium CarbonateCoated Caco3 Powder for RubberFischer-tropsch Wax for CandleSolid Color Pre-glued PVC EdgeSelf Adhesive PVC Edge BandingSelf Adhesive U Shape PVC EdgeLead Based Compound StabilizerMelting Point Polyethylene WaxHeavy Calcium Carbonate PowderLow Molecular Polyethylene WaxPetrochina Kunlun Paraffin WaxCalcium Zinc Powder StabilizerFlexible PVC Edge Banding TypeWhere to Buy Stearic Acid 1838PVC Profiles Edge Banding TrimLipping Roll Edge banding TapeK67 Suspension Grade Pvc ResinPlasticizers Processing FT WaxStearic Acid Powder for RubberParaffin Wax for Candle MakingCalcium Carbonate White PowderRubber Grade Stearic Acid 1842Titanium Dioxide Pigment Priceparaffin wax beads for candlesPVC Edge Banding For Furniturepvc resin manufacturers in usaTitanium Dioxide Anatase GradeCPE 135a for PVC Soft ProductsPlastic Agent Polyethylene WaxCPE 135A Modifier for Plasticswhat is antimony what is boronEco Friendly Plastic AdditivesPVC Resin for PVC Ceiling Filmchlorinated polyethylene priceWhite Paraffin Wax in Granulesorganotin compounds slideshareTitanium Dioxide Rutile PowderTitanium Dioxide White Pigmentsemi refined paraffin wax usesPrecipitated Calcium CarbonatePVC Stabilizer for PVC CeilingBanding Tape PVC For FurnitureColor PVC Edge Banding Trimmertitanium dioxide in toothpasteAnatase Grade Titanium DioxideFlexible PVC Edge Banding TapeCaCo3 Calcium Carbonate PowderHigh Gas Yield Calcium CarbideK58 PVC Resin for Pipe FittingCalcium Carbide base PVC ResinCalcium Carbonate for PVC WirePhotocatalytic Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide Cosmetic Gradeorganotin compounds in textilesFischer Tropsch Wax for CoatingRubber Stearic Acid of Palm OilTitanium Dioxide Rutile for InkGranular Titanium Dioxide R-960Calcium Carbonate ManufacturersCalcium Carbide Stone Gas YieldStabilizer for Plastic Productsfully refined paraffin wax usesFurniture PVC Edge Banding TrimLead Stabilizer for PVC ProfileMelting Point Bulk Paraffin WaxPortable Strip PVC Edge Bandinguse of tio2 as a photo catalystHigh Quality Polyvinyl ChlorideGround Calcium Carbonate PowderKunlun Brand Paraffin Wax 58-60Pvc Resin for Pvc Ceiling PanelFischer-tropsch Wax as AdhesiveEdge Banding Trim For FurnitureEdge Banding for Home FurnitureProcessing Aids Lead StabilizerFischer-Tropsch Wax For CandlesWhite Pigments Titanium DioxidePrecipitated Calcium CarbonatedLaminate Edge Banding FurnitureCalcium Zinc Stabilizer for PVCPolyvinyl Chloride for Pvc FlooHigh Molecular Polyethylene WaxPVC Resin for Profile ExtrusionParaffin Wax for Carved CandlesTitanium Dioxide Rutile PigmentAnatase Titanium Dioxide Powder58-60 Semi Refined Paraffin WaxBanding Tape for Particle BoardPVC Resin for Making Water PipeHigh Melting Point Paraffin WaxPVC Resin for Water Supply PipeCalcium Carbonated Powder Caco3PVC Resin for Pvc Flexible Hosemicrocrystalline wax vs beeswaxHigh Purity Pigment Rutile TIO2Titanium Dioxide Pigment RutilePlastic Grade Calcium Carbonatebest dslr stabilizer under $100Flexible U Profile Edge BandingSG3 PVC Resin for Flexible HoseFinished Edge Trim Edge BandingPVC Resin for Pipe and FittingsSemi Refined Paraffin Wax SolidStabilizer for PVC Pipe FittingFischer Tropsch Wax for AdhesivePVC Modifier Polyethylene PowderWhite Prills Fischer-tropsch WaxFischer Tropsch Wax for PlasticsPVC Stabilizer for Foam ProductsLead Based PVC Stabilizer PowderLow Melting Point Paraffin TanksPVC Heat Stabilizer Compound PboChlorinated Polyethylene for PVCStearic Acid Powder for CosmeticHigh Density PE Wax for Plastics800mesh Calcium Carbonate PowderFully Refined Paraffin Wax 60-62Fischer-tropsch Wax for PVC PipeFully Refined Paraffin Wax Price58 60 Fully Refined Paraffin WaxFully Refined Paraffin Wax 58 60Dalian Kunlun Brand Paraffin WaxKitchen Cabinet PVC Edge BandingRutile Titanium Dioxide in PaintBead Triple Pressed Stearic AcidHigh Whiteness Calcium CarbonateStearic Acid Triple Pressed 1801Carbide Polyvinyl Chloride ResinSG8 Resin for PVC Pipes FittingsNano Calcium Carbonate For PaintCoated Caco3 Powder for PlasticsHigh Stability Calcium CarbonatePVC Plastic T Shape Edge BandingPVC Resin for Profile Pipe TubesAnatase Titanium Dioxide Plastic600 Mesh Heavy Calcium Carbonate800 Mesh Heavy Calcium Carbonatecalcium carbonate classificationImpact Modifier for PVC PlasticsRutile Titanium Dioxide PigmentsK66-K68 Polyvinyl Chloride ResinKunlu Refined Paraffin Wax 58-60Wax Candles Semi Refined ParaffinPlastic Flexible PVC Edge BandingWax for Coating Mastermatch AgentPolyethylene Wax As PVC AdditivesPVC Edge Trim Car Door Protectionhow does tio2 photocatalysis workAbrasive Stearic Acid CAS 57-11-4Paraffin Wax Fully Refined PowderChemical Raw Material Rutile Tio2CPE Pipe Chlorinated PolyethyleneCustomized Extrusion Plastic EdgePVC Lubricant Fischer Tropsch Wax58-60 Paraffin Wax SpecificationsKunlun Fully Refined Paraffin WaxRutile Titanium Dioxide For PaintEthylene Polyvinyl Chloride ResinPVC Resin Powder for Shoes MakingWhiteness Heavy Calcium CarbonateAcetylene Base Polyvinyl ChlorideCPE 135A Chlorinated PolyethyleneChlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135achlorinated polyethylene toxicityTitanium Dioxide Rutile for PaperIndustrial Grade Titanium DioxideProfile Edge PVC Flexible BandingPVC Edge Banding Flexible PlasticCompound PVC Lead Heat StabilizerCustomized Color PVC Edge BandingChemical Chlorinated PolyethyleneWax for Hot Melt Adhesive CoatingRutile Titanium Dioxide For PaperChlorinated Polyethylene Modifierare organotin compounds poisonousModifier Chlorinated PolyethyleneTitanium Dioxide Rutile for PaintPvc Edge Banding For Office TableGas Yield Calcium Carbide 50-80MMCA Zn Stabilizer For PVC ProductsActive Calcium Carbonate for WirePalm Oil Stearic Acid for TextileNano Calcium Carbonate Powder 98%Uncoated Calcium Carbonate PowderWhite Powder Low Polyethylene WaxTitanium Dioxide Anatase Type 99%Polyethylene Wax Molecular WeightCalcium Carbide for Acetylene GasTitanium Dioxide for White PigmentPlastic Additives Titanium DioxideHigh Molecular Weight PolyethyleneSchool Furniture Desk Edge BandingSA1838 Stearic Acid Triple PressedTitanium Dioxide Anatase For PaperTitanium Dioxide Pigment for PaintAnatase Titanium Dioxide For PaintIndustrial Light Calcium CarbonatePrecipitated Calcium Carbonate 98%110 Melting Point Polyethylene WaxCalcium Carbide base PVC Resin K67Profile Edge Banding for FurnitureColourful Plastic PVC Edge BandingCalcium Carbide base PVC Resin SG5High Viscosity PE Wax for PlasticsNANO Titanium Dioxide For TextilesTitanium Dioxide Rutile for Paints120 Melting Point Polyethylene WaxHigh Active Nano Calcium CarbonateTitanium Dioxide Tio2 for PlasticsFischer Tropsch Wax For Road PaintChlorinated Polyethylene 135A 135BLow Molecular Polyethylene Wax 110Various PVC Edge Banding ThicknessPigment Titanium Dioxide for Paint98% Precipitated Calcium CarbonateWhite High Glossy PVC Edge Bandingchlorinated polyethylene synthesisSinopec Paraffin Wax Fully Refined100% Purity White PVC Resin PowderWhite and Purity Calcium CarbonateStearic Acid in Plastic and RubberHigh Density Powdered PolyethyleneRaw Material Tio2 Titanium DioxideChemical PVC Lead Based StabilizerWax for Thermoplastic Road MarkingLow Oil Content 58-60 Paraffin WaxHigh Soften Point Polyethylene WaxRubber Used Bead Form Stearic AcidFischer-tropsch Wax for MasterbatchNano Titanium Dioxide White PigmentCabinet Decoration PVC Edge Bandingtitanium dioxide as a photocatalystAnatase Titanium Dioxide For RubberPolyethylene Wax Hot Melt Adhesiveschlorinated polyethylene solubilityWhite PE Wax Powder For LubricatingSG5 PVC Resin for Water Supply PipeResin for Making PVC Pipes FittingsWhite High Glossy Edge Banding TapePolyethylene Wax for Rubber PlasticEdge Banding Type Plastic T MoldingFischer Tropsch Wax for MastermatchEdge Banding Flexible Plastic RollsZinc Stearate As Stabilizer for PVCPVC Resin Used for Mens PVC SandalsPVC Edge Banding Tape for FurnitureDecorative Plastic PVC Edge BandingRefined Paraffin Wax Solid 3-5% OilFischer Tropsch Wax for Shoe PolishPVC Edge Banding for Particle Board0.5% Oil Fully Refined Paraffin WaxPVC Edge Banding for Home FurnitureCompound Stabilizer for PVC ProfileTitanium Dioxide For Paint Industrytio2 photocatalysis water treatmentFischer Tropsch Wax for Lubricatingchlorinated polyethylene recyclabletitanium dioxide anatase grade useschlorinated polyethylene cas numberFlake Low Molecular Polyethylene WaxTitanium Dioxide Rutile Tio2 for Inkpvc stabilizer manufacturer in indiaCalcium Carbonate Heavy/Light PowderTitanium Dioxide Powder for PaintingIndustrial Chemical Titanium DioxideTitanium Dioxide Rutile Tio2 PigmentHigh Gas Yield Calcium Carbide StoneHigh Quality Calcium Carbide CalciumPrecipitated Calcium Carbonate LightCalcium Carbonate Filler MasterbatchEdge Banding Tape for Particle BoardFiller Masterbatch Calcium CarbonateSupply Industrial Usage Stearic AcidLow Oil Absorption Calcium CarbonatePVC Edge Banding Rolls For FurnitureHigh Purity Pigment Titanium DioxideKunlun Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 64Factory Supply Price PVC Resin S1000CPE Chlorinated Polyethylene for PVCTitanium Dioxide for Coating PlasticHeat Stabilizer for PVC Pipe FittingLead Stabilizer for Plastic ProductsChlorinated Polyethylene for PlasticCalcium Zinc Stabilizer For PlasticsFully Refined Paraffin Wax 64 DegreeFischer Tropsch Wax for Hot AdhesiveTitanium Dioxide Rutile for PaintingTio2 Titanium Dioxide Rutile Hs CodeFurniture Materials PVC Edge BandingWholesale Fully Refined Paraffin WaxDifferent Paraffin Wax Melting PointT-molding Furniture PVC Edge BandingFurniture Accessories PVC Edge StripSoft Products Raw Material Pvc ResinCandle Wax Raw Material Paraffin WaxGood Weather-Ability Titanium DioxideChlorinated Polyethylene Modifier CPEParaffin Wax for Paraffin Waxed PaperHigh Quality Titanium Dioxide Anatasemicrocrystalline wax chemical formulaFischer Tropsch Refined Wax For PaintSemi Refined Paraffin Wax for CandlesIndustrial Grade Organic Stearic AcidTitanium Dioxide Anatase For PaintingPolyvinyl Chloride Resin for PVC ShoePVC Profiles Chlorinated PolyethylenePE Wax for Thermoplastic Road Markingcross linked chlorinated polyethyleneTriple Pressed Stearic Acid Bead FormPvc Edge Banding For Office FurnitureRaw Material Chlorinated PolyethyleneOil Absorption Nano Calcium CarbonateZinc Stearate for PVC Heat StabilizerFischer-Tropsch Wax For Candle MakingPVC Edge Banding for Plywood FunitureFischer Tropsch Wax for Marking PaintBanding Tape for Furniture ProtectionPVC Modifier Chlorinated PolyethyleneGround Calcium Carbonate White PowderFischer-tropsch Wax For Melt Adhesive58 Melting Point Paraffin Wax CandlesCPE 135A Impact Modifier for PlasticsTitanium Dioxide Rutile Grade PigmentPrecipitate Calcium Carbonated PowderPVC Resin for Doors Profile Extrusionwhere to buy paraffin wax for candlesLow Polyethylene Wax Molecular WeightTIO2 Rutile Titanium Dioxide in PaintChlorinated Polyethylene for PlasticsActive Calcium Carbonate for PVC WireFurniture Accessories PVC Edge BandingHigh Gas Yield Calcium Carbide 25-50MMHigh Melting Point Fischer-tropsch WaxCaC2 Calcium Carbide Produce AcetyleneWhite Flake Fully Refined Paraffin WaxPolyvinylchlorid Resin for PVC WindowsPolyvinyl Chloride Resin for Pvc CardsActive Calcium Carbonate for PVC CableAdditives Stabilizers for PVC ProductsFully Refined Paraffin Wax for CandlesTitanium Dioxide Rutile Grade For PaintTitanium Dioxide Rutile Grade for PaperPolyvinylchlorid Resin for PVC ProfilesStearic Acid Powder for Candle IndustryCalcium Carbonated 99% Carbonate PowderK58 Resin for Making PVC Pipes FittingsFischer Tropsch For Color MasterbatchesKunlun Fully Refined Paraffin Wax BlockU Shaped PVC Profiles Edge Banding TrimCarbide Polyvinyl Chloride Resin for BagImpact Modifier Chlorinated Polyethylenehow to remove titanium dioxide from bodyFischer-tropsch Wax as Adhesive Additive98% Purity Industrial Grade Stearic AcidPurity Titanium Dioxide Rutile for PaintPolyethylene Wax for Filling MasterbatchCompound Stabilizer PVC ca/zn StabilizerLimestone Powder CaCO3 98% for DetergentTriple Pressed Stearic Acid for PlasticsPlastic Edge Banding Tape For DecorationCalcium Zinc Stabilizer For Pipe FittingActivated Precipitated Calcium CarbonateCompetitive Price Titanium Dioxide RutileTio2 Titanium Dioxide Rutile for PaintingChlorinated Polyethylene for PVC PlasticsHigh Purity Pigment Tio2 Titanium DioxideHigh Density Powdered Polyethylene PE WaxPrills Fischer-tropsch Wax for StabilizerPolyvinyl Chloride Resin for PVC Shoe SoleRubber Additives Stearic Acid CAS# 57-11-4Wholesale 58-60 Fully Refined Paraffin WaxPVC Edge Banding for Furniture AccessoriesCustomized Color PVC Laminate Edge BandingRutile Titanium Dioxide For Paint IndustryFischer-tropsch Wax for Filled MasterbatchPlastic Additives Chlorinated PolyethyleneEdge Banding Tape for Furniture ProtectionHigh Melting Point Industrial Paraffin WaxFischer Tropsch Wax For Thermoplastic PaintPVC WINDOW PROFILE CHLORINATED POLYETHYLENEEdge Banding Tape for Furniture AccessoriesPrecipitated Calcium Carbonate ManufacturersFully Refined Paraffin Wax 58 60 for CandlesT Shape Pvc Edge Banding For Kitchen CabinetChlorinated Polyethylene for Plastic AddtivesKunlun Brand Fully Refined Paraffin Wax 60-62Different Melting Point Paraffin Wax GranulesWhite Flake Compound PVC Lead Heat StabilizerChlorinated Polyethylene CPE 135A For PlasticChlorinated Polyethylene for Chemical Industrydifference between rutile and anatase titaniumChlorinated Polyethylene for PVC Soft ProductsChlorinated Polyethylene Impact Modifier AgentChlorinated Polyethylene for Plastic AdditivesRubber Auxiliary Agent Chlorinated PolyethyleneHeavy Calcium Carbonate 98% Purity White PowderPlastics Lubricant Powder Form Polyethylene WaxFischer-Tropsch Wax Improve the Production Speed
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